Tribunal launches new logo, website - offers easier access to information

  29 April 2019

The new website -- featuring an innovative and fresh design -- now offers legal practitioners, journalists, companies and anyone interested in the Tribunal’s work, access to a treasure trove of documents that are directly sourced from the organisation’s primary portal for case information.


The platform will “go live” later today. Users may experience a brief interruption of access as the Tribunal migrates to a new server.


As the organisation marks 20 years of existence this year, it has also adopted a new, modernised logo along with a fresh and vibrant colour palette.


It just looks better, works better


It will be much easier and quicker for website visitors to navigate through large amounts of data. The most important content i.e. case-related information is now located “up front and centre” on the home page and the need for multiple ‘clicks’ is no longer necessary. This will enable website visitors to find cases quickly and easily.


A better experience for website visitors


The new website also offers robust search functionality. This means users can easily find the information they are looking for. For example, cases can be located very easily by using search filters relating to any of the following: parties involved in a case; the type of case; the case number; the status of the case; key dates associated with the case; press releases; or related keywords.


Orders (judgments) and reasons – as well as media releases -- are assigned to a virtual case folder which is easy to access. While case files are available for viewing and downloading, the status of a case is immediately and clearly indicated through easy-to-understand icons.


Not just English


Multiple language support is slowly being introduced and the Tribunal hopes to extend this to larger parts of the website over time. For the moment the FAQ, Mandate and Role are presented in isiZulu, Sepedi, English and Afrikaans. The rest of the website is presented in English.


Immediate and informative


Another new feature allows users to easily follow specific cases. Users can “subscribe to an event” which means they will receive notifications when a specific case is updated and when new documents relating to the case are uploaded to the website. Visitors can also subscribe to receive case media releases, other news/announcements, the Tribunal’s e-newsletter and/or Annual Report.

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Communications Officer

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