Tribunal introduces new search tool to help its website users

  19 November 2019


The Tribunal is pleased to announce the release of a series of online video tutorials to help its website users master the online platform’s new search functionality.


The video tutorials (listed below) aim to help website users to easily and accurately navigate through large amounts of data such as case documents, orders (judgments), reasons and media releases. The tutorials explain how to search for the following information:


  • Global search: how to search the entire website according to industry, relevant market or sector i.e. manufacturing, construction, banking etc.;


  • Current decided cases: how to search for cases within the last 60 days;


  • Archived decided cases: how to search for cases older than 60 days;


  • Hearings: how to search by case type, keyword or month;


  • Media releases: how to search for media releases by case type, keyword or date;


  • Pending cases: how to search for pending cases by keyword, date or case type i.e. mergers, interlocutory applications etc. and


  • Other court judgments: how to search for judgments handed down in the Competition Appeal Court, the High Court, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court.


The search tutorials can be viewed on the Tribunal’s website ( with links to the videos next to each category’s search box. Alternatively, all of the tutorials can be found and/or viewed by clicking on the following link: 


The Tribunal launched its revamped website in April this year, offering legal practitioners, journalists, companies and anyone interested in the Tribunal’s work, access to the very latest breaking news and case information. Website users can view and download a treasure trove of documentation (virtual case files) directly sourced from the Tribunal’s primary portal for case information.


Users can also “subscribe to an event” which means they will receive notifications when a specific case is updated and when documents relating to the case are uploaded to the website. Visitors can also subscribe to receive media releases, newsletters and/or the Tribunal’s Annual Report.

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