Competition Commission And Allens Meshco (Pty) Ltd; Hendok (Pty) Ltd; Wire Force (Pty) Ltd; AGRI Wire (Pty) Ltd; AGRI Wire North (Pty) Ltd; AGRI Wire Upington (Pty) Ltd; Cape Wire (Pty) Ltd; Forest Wire (Pty) Ltd; Independent Galvanising (Pty) Ltd; Associated Wire Industries (Pty) Ltd

Case number: CR093Jan07/OTH058Jul16
Case parties: Applicant: Competition Commision ( )
Respondent: Forest Wire (Pty) Ltd (Eighth)
Respondent: AGRI Wire North (Pty) Ltd (Fifth)
Respondent: Allens Meshco (Pty) Ltd (First)
Respondent: AGRI Wire (Pty) Ltd (Fourth)
Respondent: Independent Galvanising (Pty) Ltd (Ninth)
Respondent: Hendok (Pty) Ltd (Second)
Respondent: Cape Wire (Pty) Ltd (Seventh)
Respondent: AGRI Wire Upington (Pty) Ltd (Sixth)
Respondent: Associated Wire Industries (Pty) Ltd t/a Meshrite (Tenth)
Respondent: Wire Force (Pty) Ltd (Third)
Case type: Interlocutory Application
Procedural matter: Other Procedural Matter
Case status: Reasons Issued
Outcome: Granted
Order date: 2017-03-03
Sector: Manufacturing
Industry: Steel
Relevant market: Supply of nails and galvanized wire products