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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM238Jan19 Cape Karoo And Klein Karoo International 2019-08-15 Download
Complaint Referral from Commission CR067May17 CC and Thembekile Maritime Services and Others 2019-08-14 Download
Large Merger LM262Jan18 British American Tobacco And TWISP 2019-08-13 Download
Large Merger LM039May19 FFS Calpet And Calulo Marine 2019-08-07 Download
Large Merger LM058Jun19 OMPE GP IV And Footgear Holdings 2019-08-06 Download
Large Merger LM031May19 Interaction Market Services And Freshworld Holdings 2019-08-06 Download
Large Merger LM066Jul19 Matador Bidco And Compania Espanola 2019-08-06 Download
Large Merger LM071Jul19 Vukile Property Fund And Rebosis Property 2019-08-06 Download
Large Merger LM269Mar19 WBHO Construction And Trencon Construction 2019-07-22 Download
Large Merger LM274Mar19 Bachique 746 And Afrikelp 2019-07-19 Download
Large Merger LM040May19 The Spar Group And Western Gruppe Trading 2019-07-19 Download
Large Merger LM041Jun19 Gemgrow Properties And Arrowhead Properties 2019-07-12 Download
Procedural Matter FTN026May19 Media24 And Novus Holdings 2019-07-12 Download
Large Merger LM056Jun19 Telkom SA SOC And Trudon 2019-07-12 Download
Large Merger LM247Jan19 Mondi PLC And Mondi Ltd 2019-07-12 Download
Settlement Agreement CR187Nov15/SA052Jun19 CC and More Asphalt 2019-07-12 Download
Large Merger LM014Apr19 Rappa Holdings And Rappa Management 2019-07-12 Download
Large Merger LM009Apr19 Super Group Holdings And Lieben Logistics 2019-07-01 Download
Complaint Referral from Commission CR188Nov15 CC and Uniplate Group 2019-06-27 Download
Large Merger LM032May19 DSV A/S And Panalpina Welttransport 2019-06-26 Download
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