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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Large Merger LM052Aug21 K2021544474 And Kwatani Global 2021-10-15 Download
Consent Order CO080Sep21 CC And PNM Shorthauliers 2021-10-13 Download
Large Merger LM065Aug21 Bopa Moruo Fund II And Skynet SA 2021-10-12 Download
Complaint Referral from Commission CR022May15 CC and Tourvest Holdings 2021-10-12 Download
Large Merger LM025May21 Dis-Chem Pharmacies And Kaelo Holdings 2021-10-12 Download
Large Merger LM019May21 Altron TMT And Law Trusted Third Party 2021-10-11 Download
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM053Aug21 ECP Africa Fund And Burger King 2021-10-01 Download
Large Merger LM058Aug21 Nedbank Ltd And ERF7 Sandown 2021-09-30 Download
Large Merger LM047Jul21 Fairvest Property Holdings And Arrowhead Properties 2021-09-30 Download
Large Merger LM039Jul21 Assore Holdings And Assore 2021-09-30 Download
Large Merger LM040Jul21 Boleng Trust And Main Street 904 2021-09-30 Download
Large Merger LM041Jul21 Curro Holdings And Independent School Business 2021-09-30 Download
Large Merger LM035Jul21 Super Group Holdings And Regional Wholesales Service 2021-09-30 Download
Large Merger LM181Jan21 Dis-Chem And PPH 2021-09-30 Download
Large Merger LM055Aug21 Imperial Capital And Lift Logistics Holdco 2021-09-28 Download
Settlement Agreement CR086Aug19/SA044Jul21 CC And Jasco Security and Fire Solutions 2021-09-20 Download
Consent Order CO042Jul21 CC And M Meyer Surgical Sales CC 2021-09-17 Download
Large Merger LM048Jul21 Growthpoint Properties And Joburg Stay 2021-09-16 Download
Large Merger LM061Jul20 DH Brothers Industries And Russellstone Protein 2021-09-09 Download
Procedural Matter RVW150May20 Coca-Cola Beverages Africa And CC 2021-09-08 Download
Large Merger LM034Jun21 Cape Harvest Food Group And BM Food Group 2021-09-06 Download
Large Merger LM038Jul21 Digital Infrastructure Investment And Metro Fibre Networx 2021-08-31 Download
Large Merger LM049Jul21 Daimler Truck Holding AG And Daimler Truck AG 2021-08-31 Download
Procedural Matter FTN062Aug21 CC And Overlooked Colliery Alpha and Sudor Coal 2021-08-31 Download
Large Merger LM031Jun21 Maitlantic 10 And Emira Property Fund 2021-08-24 Download
Large Merger LM036Jul21 McCarthy And Melrose Motor Investments 2021-08-24 Download
Large Merger LM027May21 GEPF And Investco 2021-08-24 Download
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