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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Large Merger LM004Apr20 Gatsby Security SPV And Cell C 2020-05-28 Download
Large Merger LM170Mar20 Nouryon Chemicals International And CP Kelco OY 2020-05-28 Download
Large Merger LM002Apr20 Daimler Truck AG And Ukuvela Holdings 2020-05-28 Download
Consent Order CO015May20 CC And Cedar Pharmaceuticals t/a Bel-Kem 2020-05-26 Download
Consent Order CO019May20 CC And Manhattan Cosmetics 2020-05-26 Download
Consent Order CO016May20 CC And Sunset Pharmacy 2020-05-26 Download
Settlement Agreement CR024May20/SA030May20 CC And Sicuro Safety and Hennox 638 2020-05-22 Download
Consent Order CO023May20 CC And Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies SA 2020-05-18 Download
Consent Order CO022May20 CC And Domoney Brothers Bloem 2020-05-15 Download
Consent Order CO017May20 CC And C Sanua t/a Naturally Yours Weleda Pharmacies 2020-05-15 Download
Consent Order CO018May20 CC And Retrospective Trading 199 t/a Merlot Pharmacy 2020-05-15 Download
Consent Order CO020May20 CC And Retrospective Trading 200 t/a Seaside Pharmacy 2020-05-15 Download
Large Merger LM174Mar20 Mulilo Renewable Energy And MRE Prieska 2020-05-13 Download
Large Merger LM176Mar20 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries And Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems 2020-05-13 Download
Large Merger LM177Mar20 Adcock Ingram Healthcare And Plush Professional Leather 2020-05-13 Download
Consent Order CO011Apr20 CC And Van Heerden Pharmacy Group 2020-05-07 Download
Consent Order CO013Apr20 CC And Mandini Pharmacy 2020-05-07 Download
Consent Order CO014Apr20 CC And Van Heerden Pharmacy Group - Hand Sanitisers 2020-05-07 Download
Consent Order CO012Apr20 CC And Matus 2020-05-06 Download
Complaint Referral from Commission CR087Jun17 CC And Mo Mollo Records and Kgomo ya Maphura 2020-05-04 Download
Complaint Referral from Commission CR086Jun17 CC And Catha Silkscreen and 4 Others 2020-05-04 Download
Consent Order CO009Apr20 CC And Evergreens Fresh Market 2020-05-01 Download
Large Merger LM171Mar20 Harmony Gold Mining Company And Golden Core Trade 2020-04-30 Download
Large Merger LM169Mar20 Africa Data Centres And The Rental Enterprise 2020-04-30 Download
Interlocutory Application CO037Aug10/VAR026Apr17 Competition Commission and Foskor (Pty) 2020-04-30 Download
Large Merger LM156Feb20 Izimbiwa Associated Companies and Bittersweet Trade 2020-04-30 Download
Consent Order CO007Apr20 CC And Main Hardware 2020-04-24 Download
Interlocutory Application CRP285Feb18/CNF153Jun19 H M Neethling And CC and Wholesome Foods 2020-04-20 Download
Consent Order CO005Apr20 CC And Cilliers and Heunis 2020-04-20 Download
Large Merger LM150Feb20 Unitrans Automotive and WhiteHouse Motors 2020-04-08 Download
Large Merger LM163Mar20 Flameup Investments and Festigen Investments 2020-04-08 Download
Interlocutory Application CR228Dec18/OTH256Feb19 Computicket and CC 2020-04-03 Download
Interlocutory Application CR228Dec18/DSM258Feb19 Shoprite and CC 2020-04-03 Download
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