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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Large Merger LM039Jun20 Investec Bank And Omwieco 2020-07-14 Download
Consent Order CO056Jul20 CC And D I Fraser CC t/a Umhlanga Medisport Pharmacy 2020-07-14 Download
Consent Order CO057Jul20 CC And Stelkor Pharmacy 2020-07-14 Download
Consent Order CO062Jul20 CC And Steelmate 2020-07-14 Download
Consent Order CO065Jul20 CC And Food Lovers Holdings 2020-07-14 Download
Consent Order CO052Jun20 CC And Mica Barberton 2020-07-09 Download
Consent Order CO054Jun20 CC And Green Hygiene 2020-07-09 Download
Consent Order CO053Jun20 CC And Eldoram Dienste CC t/a Eldopark Pharmacy 2020-07-09 Download
Consent Order CO025May19 CC And Quintax 31 CC 2020-07-07 Download
Complaint Referral from Commission CR008Apr20 CC And Dis-Chem Pharmacies 2020-07-07 Download
Large Merger LM173Mar20 KLL Group And The Starch, Glucose and Animal Feed 2020-07-06 Download
Consent Order CO049Jun20 CC And Farpoint Trading 31 CC t/a Mica Durban North 2020-07-06 Download
Settlement Agreement CR032May20/SA045Jun20 CC And Caprichem 2020-07-06 Download
Consent Order CO044Jun20 CC And West Coast Hardware 2020-07-06 Download
Consent Order CO047Jun20 CC And Sanitech 2020-07-03 Download
Consent Order CO048Jun20 CC And Vasilis Supermarket t/a Vasilis Cleaning Supplies 2020-07-03 Download
Large Merger LM031May20 Emasa Holdings And Dewfresh 2020-06-25 Download
Settlement Agreement CR166Dec14/SA117Oct19 CC And Haw and Inglis Civil Engineering 2020-06-25 Download
Consent Order CO006Apr20 CC And MTN 2020-06-25 Download
Large Merger LM167Mar20 Government Employees Pension Fund and ALZU Agri 2020-06-12 Download
Consent Order CO036Jun20 CC And Samys Wholesalers 2020-06-12 Download
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