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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Large Merger LM172Jan23 Clicks Investment And Sorbet Holdings 2023-06-02 Download
Large Merger LM206Mar23 K2023645019 And Aurex Holdings 2023-06-02 Download
Large Merger LM200Mar23 Pioneer Foods And Future Life Health Products 2023-05-31 Download
Large Merger LM205Mar23 VCAP1 Alliances And Virtual Payment Solutions 2023-05-31 Download
Consent Order CO006Apr23 CC And Pacific Solar Technologies 2023-05-30 Download
Large Merger LM188Feb23 Sanlam Life Insurance And Capital Legacy Solutions 2023-05-29 Download
Large Merger LM012May23 ARC Financial Services And Capital Legacy Solutions 2023-05-29 Download
Large Merger LM199Mar23 K2022877768 And Sants Private Higher Education Institution 2023-05-23 Download
Interim Relief IR095Aug22 Industrial Gas Users And Sasol Gas and Others 2023-05-18 Download
Procedural Matter OTH110Sep22 Sasol Gas And CC and Others 2023-05-18 Download
Interlocutory Application CRP162Jan22/PIL201Feb22 Emfuleni Local Municipality And Cape Gate 2023-05-16 Download
Large Merger LM181Feb23 Units on Park Street And WBHO Construction 2023-04-26 Download
Large Merger LM158Dec22 Hollywood Sportsbook Holdings And Kenilworth Racing 2023-04-25 Download
Large Merger LM180Feb23 Community Property Company And Sam Ntuli Mall 2023-04-25 Download
Large Merger LM164Dec22 Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions And Transport Business 2023-04-25 Download
Large Merger LM173Jan23 Foschini Retail Group And Street Fever 2023-04-25 Download
Large Merger LM165Dec22 Sanlam And Afrocentric Investment 2023-04-19 Download
Interim Relief IR198Mar23 Apollo Studios And Audatex SA 2023-04-17 Download
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