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Type Case # Parties Date Press
Consent Order CO026May20 CC And Shoprite Checkers - Long Term Lease 2020-10-13 Download
Large Merger LM082Aug20 K2020211444 And Barrie Cline Clothing 2020-10-13 Download
Consent Order CO126Sep20 CC And Swift Chemicals 2020-10-09 Download
Consent Order CO122Sep20 CC And Eagle Fire Control 2020-10-02 Download
Large Merger LM087Aug20 Foschini Retail Group And Edcon 2020-09-23 Download
Consent Order CO103Aug20 CC And Panasonic Corporation 2020-09-17 Download
Large Merger LM069Jul20 Motus Group And Atlantis Nissan Centurion 2020-09-17 Download
Large Merger LM083Aug20 Afgri Agri Services And Hinterland Holding 2020-09-17 Download
Consent Order CO104Aug20 CC And Mahle GMBH 2020-09-16 Download
Large Merger LM084Aug20 AFHCO Holdings And Calgro M3 JCO Holdings 2020-09-14 Download
Complaint Referral from Commission CR198Oct18 CC And Irvin and Johnson 2020-09-06 Download
Large Merger LM100Aug20 Retailability And Edcon 2020-09-04 Download
Large Merger LM038Jun20 Equites Property Fund And Retail Logistics Fund 2020-09-04 Download
Consent Order CO106Aug20 CC And Sentra Kem Pharmacy 2020-09-04 Download
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM141Dec19 JSE And Link Market Services SA 2020-09-03 Download
Large Merger LM155Feb20 Afrocentric Health and Dental Information System 2020-08-28 Download
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