Sovereign Food Investment Ltd And Country Bird Holdings (Pty) Ltd; Synapp International Ltd; Kevin William James; Kevin William James NO; Clive Dennis Kern NO; Clinton Charles Holing NO; Colin Rodney James; Marielle Colette Regine Lecluse; Competition Commission

Case number: IMR176Nov16
Case parties: Applicant: Sovereign Food Investments Ltd
Respondent: Marielle Colette regine Lecluse (Eighth)
Respondent: Clive Dennis Kern NO (Fifth)
Respondent: Country Bird Holdings (Pty) Ltd (First)
Respondent: Kevin Williams James NO (Fourth)
Respondent: Competition Commission (Ninth)
Respondent: Synapp International Ltd (Second)
Respondent: Colin Rodney James (Seventh)
Respondent: Clinton Charles Holing NO (Sixth)
Respondent: Kevin William James (Third)
Case type: Intermediate Merger Review
Type of merger: Horizontal
Case status: Reasons Issued
Outcome: Granted
Order date: 2017-09-13
Sector: Agriculture forestry and fishing
Industry: Animal production
Relevant market: The market for Chicken meat production in South Africa;The market for the production and supply of frozen chicken products in South Africa