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Type Case # Parties Status Hearing
Case Files
Large Merger LM055Jun19 CFAO Holdings SA And Unitrans Motor Holdings Pending Reasons 2019-11-14 Download
Interlocutory Application CR164Nov16/SUP063Jun19 CC And Roadmac and Much Asphalt Pending Decision 2019-09-03
Large Merger LM079Jul19 CPG In Store And Imperial Logistics Pending Reasons 2019-09-11 Download
Interlocutory Application CR024May15/DSM093Aug19 Precision And CC Pending Reasons 2019-11-14 Download
Large Merger LM096Sep19 Carlyle SMD Invest Mauritius And SMD Technologies Pending Reasons 2019-11-06 Download
Interim Relief IR028May19 Africa People Mover And PRASA and Others Pending Reasons 2019-11-01 Download
Intermediate Merger Reconsideration IM238Jan19 Cape Karoo And Klein Karoo International Pending Reasons 2019-07-08 Download
Interlocutory Application CR228Dec18/OTH256Feb19 Computicket and CC Pending Decision 2019-11-22
Interlocutory Application CR228Dec18/DSM258Feb19 Shoprite and CC Pending Decision 2019-11-22
Large Merger LM263Mar19 Milco SA And Clover Industries Pending Reasons 2019-09-16 Download
Large Merger LM109Sep19 Momentum Metropolitan And Alexander Forbes Pending Reasons 2019-11-14 Download
Large Merger LM115Oct19 Vector Logistics And CPG Cold Storage Pending Reasons 2019-11-14 Download
Large Merger LM127Oct19 Investec Asset Management Holdings And Investec Asset Management SA Group Pending Reasons 2019-11-27 Download
Large Merger LM137Nov19 Brimstone Invest Corp And Firefly Invest 306 Hearing Dates Set 2019-12-11
Interlocutory Application LM183Sep18/DSC132Nov19 CC And MIH eCommerce and We Buy Cars Pending Reasons 2019-11-12 Download